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CTP (Comprehensive Testing Program)
Measuring Student Achievement

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Measuring student achievement

What is CTP?

The Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP) is a rigorous assessment of student achievement of essential standards and learning domains for grades 1-11 in English language arts and mathematics. Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning tests are included for grades 3-11. CTP is available in the traditional paper-pencil version (CTP 4) and an online version (CTP Online).

Features and Benefits of CTP 4

(paper/pencil version)

  • Provides detailed, robust and timely feedback for each student, class and school to inform instruction and learning
  • Offers useful data to compare student performance and growth with similar groups of achievers via national, independent, public and association norms, stanines and percentiles
  • Offers assessment with accommodations in accord with IEP's
  • All CTP 4 reporting is available online so you can choose the reports you need and simply post or send them to the staff and/or parents, or print the desired reports at your school.
  • Growth Reports and customizable data download now available for CTP 4 users!  Click here to see all reports available for CTP users.

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Value Package - All inclusive package: $19.00 per student

All Norms Choices
Student Roster and Label Reports (Labels are formatted for local printing)
Administrator Summary Report
Content Standards Mastery
Individual and Group Instructional Summary
Parent Reports (Primary Grade, Individual Student Report, both the Subscore and Narrative versions). Parent Interpretive Information document is available for downloading and printing.*
Primary Grade Teacher Report
Rank Order Report
Median Percentile Report
Achievement/Reasoning Consistency Analysis
Association Norms Report
Growth Roster Report
Group Growth Report
Group History Report
Comprehensive Individual Sudent Report
Lexile and Quantile scores

Basic Package - School reports only: $15.00 per student

All Norms Choices
Student Roster and Label Reports (Labels are formatted for local printing)
Administrator Summary Report
Content Standards Mastery Report
Individual and Group Instructional Summary

Note: An additional fee will be incurred if you request an upgrade from Basic to Value Package after your order has been placed.

CTP 4 and CTP Online Testing Windows

2013 Fall Testing Window: September 1 - February 28

2014 Spring Testing Window: March 17 - August 15

2014 Fall Testing Window: September 2 - February 27

2015 Spring Testing Window: March 9 - August 14

Want to know more about the CTP Online?

Get instant results and efficient delivery with the CTP Online!  All testing, norms, and reporting are available with the CTP Online Value Package for just $16.50 per student.  Discover the benefits of CTP Online here.

CTP Operations Office Contact Information

Telephone: (866) 683‐2335 or (646) 503‐2699

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CTP Online!
Students preferred way to test!

The online version of the CTP provides instant feedback - no shipping materials!

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