CTP Comprehensive Testing Program Grades 1–11

What is CTP?

CTP is a rigorous assessment of higher-achieving students attending schools that aspire to higher standards. It covers reading, listening, vocabulary, writing, mathematics, and verbal and quantitative reasoning.

The data collected from CTP helps inform you and your child’s teachers and administrators about student performance in key areas of school achievement.

You may see reported Lexile and Quantile measures on your child's report. A Lexile measure represents your child's reading ability and can be used to match him or her with books and other materials at an appropriate difficulty level. Visit www.Lexile.com. A Quantile measure describes your child's mathematical ability and can be used to determine his or her readiness to learn new mathematical skills and concepts. Visit www.Quantiles.com.

Features and Benefits of CTP

  • Delivers personal feedback via item analyses for each student and class.
  • Provides comparative data on each student, including differentiation among performers across the. full academic spectrum.
  • Meets the needs of schools seeking to raise academic standards for all students.
  • Provides rapid results; computer version offers results instantly.
  • Offers next-steps instruction for mathematics (grade 7 and higher).
  • CTP Online includes science for Grades 3-11.


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