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What to Expect for the ECAA One-to-One

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Both ERB and participating schools want to ensure a quality evaluation and a positive testing experience for your child. ERB makes a concerted effort to provide a friendly, comfortable
testing environment.

The best approach is to treat the testing process in a relatively relaxed manner:

  • Be sure that your child is well rested on the day of testing.
  • Ensure plenty of time to get to the testing location to avoid rushing.

The one-to-one test session for application to Pre-K–Grade 1 usually lasts 40 to 50 minutes.
For application to Grades 2–4, the one-to-one session is approximately 90 minutes.
Depending on each child’s comfort level, the time may vary. Some children proceed slowly
and like to chat, while others need a faster pace to sustain their interest.

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