Fees and Services

1. Mail Registration: Testing at a school: $100

2. Online Registration: $100

3. Phone Registration: $120

4. Late Registration: $120

5. Walk-in Registration: $135

6. Change of Registration: $30

7. Refund Service Fee: $30

8. Telephone Expedited Reporting of Scores: $35

9. Online Expedited Reporting of Scores: $35 (Available with online registration only.)

10. Extra Score Reports: $25 per request (Includes up to six schools.)

11. Handscoring: $40

12. Rescoring, Different Grade: $30

13. "What to Expect on the ISEE" : $20 for a hardcopy; free when viewed or downloaded online


Families registering for the ISEE using a check may register by mail. The mail-in registration form may be found between pages 30-31 of the hard copy  ISEE Student Guide. To request that an ISEE Student Guide be mailed to one’s home, please .

Fee Waiver

Dr. Ben D. Wood was actively involved in the activities of the Educational Records Bureau and remained engaged in these activities throughout his life. In 1985, the Ben D. Wood Grant Program was established in honor of his lifetime commitment to the organization. Students in financial need may apply for a Ben D. Wood ISEE fee waiver for large group testing, but their fee waiver inquiries must be addressed to a school to which they are applying, not to the ISEE Operations Office.

Students who have obtained a fee waiver from a school may register for a large group ISEE test ($100) in one of the following ways:

  1. By mailing in their fee waiver along with the mail-in registration form that is found in the middle of the ISEE Student Guide. A guide may be obtained from a school to which the student is applying or by contacting ERB at .
  2. By going to the ISEE web site,, and registering online. When directed to do so, the student will enter the code number listed on his or her fee waiver.
  3. By calling the ISEE Operations Office at (800) 446-0320 or (919) 956-8524. The student will be asked for the code number on his or her fee waiver. (There is an extra $20 phone fee that is not covered by the fee waiver.)
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