Scoring and score interpretation for the ISEE

Receiving the Score Report

After testing, answer sheets and essays are sent to the ISEE Operations Office for machine scoring of the four multiple choice sections and production of the Individual Student Report (ISR). Copies of the ISR and the unscored essay, may be sent to six schools and/or counselors. If you would like to send to more than six schools, additional fees will apply.  Schools will receive a copy of the student score report and essay in approximately seven to ten business days.

Expedited Score Reporting

Score reports are sent by mail to parents at the address provided at the time of registration. Scores should arrive within seven to ten business days after the date of the ISEE administration. Parents may take advantage of an expedited score delivery by phone or online (the latter available only when registering online) for an extra $30. When registering for the ISEE, please indicate which of these services you would like. If you would like to request the service after the initial registration or after testing, you may call the ISEE Operations Office at 1-800-446-0320. Expedited scores are available after 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on the first Monday, Wednesday, or Friday following the date of testing Scores from a Sunday administration will not be available until Wednesday. Expedited reports will be delayed if tests are not received promptly or if shipping delays occur from the test site. 

Parent Report

A copy of the Individual Student Report (ISR) only is sent to parents, addressed “To the Parents of…”.  The parent report will list all schools who received the student’s ISR.

School Report

A copy of the Individual Student (ISR) and essay will be sent to the schools requested at the time of registration. School reports do not list all recipients, only the individual school name.

ISEE Norm Process

The process by which the ISEE is normed continues to be a 3-year rolling norm pool of applicants to the same grade regardless of gender. The test is scored based on the total number of correct answers and there is no penalty for an incorrect answer. From the raw score, the scaled score is derived. The scaled score is then compared to a 3-year rolling norm pool of applicants to the same grade to determine the student’s percentile ranking. Stanines are also reported to represent the percentiles.


You’ve just received the scores for your child’s ISEE. Now what?

With your child’s ISEE scores you will receive the brochure, "Understanding the Individual Student Report: A Guide for Families."  This will provide you with information about the report and scores. 

If you have reviewed this information and you still have some questions, please contact us at

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