Admission Testing

ERB provides highly regarded admission assessments for students applying to independent schools and/or specialized public schools requiring entrance exams. Designed by experts to measure both reasoning and achievement skills, these assessments have helped parents, students, and schools find the perfect match for decades. 


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Entrance To PreK, K, and Grade 1


Introducing AABL (Admission Assessment for Beginning Learners): Lighting Your Child’s Pathway to Academic Success


Delivered on an iPad, AABL is a cutting-edge online, child-friendly assessment of an early learner’s development in verbal and quantitative reasoning, early literacy, and mathematics for applicants to PreK through Grade 1 (age 4 through 6).


What It Does: AABL assesses a child’s verbal and quantitative reasoning, early literacy, and mathematics skills and compares them to other children taking the test at the same level throughout the United States.

Why It Is Important: AABL is an important tool because it gives parents, teachers, and administrators the opportunity to learn what a child’s academic needs are and how best to address them.

Why It Works: The iPad interface uses vibrant graphics to present engaging activities that provide an enjoyable testing environment for your child.

How It Is Administered: Professionals administer the AABL through the iPad, but first give applicants a tutorial on how to use the iPad to respond to test items.


ERB encourages parents to download the What to Expect on AABL and the AABL Quickfacts guide to gain an understanding of the testing experience for their children. In addition to the What to Expect on AABL PDF there are video's available for parents and applicants to view for each level of AABL testing, PreK, Kindergarten, and Grade 1.    



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What To Expect - PreK 

What To Expect - Kindergarten

What To Expect - Grade 1


Entrance To PreK – Grade 4


The Early Childhood Admission Assessment (ECAA) is a one-to-one, interactive, and child-friendly way to get an accurate picture of your child's current abilities. The What to Expect on the ECAA is a guidebook for parents to shed some light on what you can expect from the ECAA one-to-one testing experience. We hope that it also provides you with some best practices in terms of preparation for the days that lead up to the assessment. Download the What to Expect on the ECAA today.


Register Your Child Online for ECAA                              Download the ECAA Registration Form 

Entrance To Grades 2 - 12


Help your student find the right school. The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE®) is widely accepted, accurate, and provides advanced insights to both schools and students to help guide the admission process. ERB works hard to support families throughout the process by providing materials to fully understand the ISEE testing process.


The ISEE Student Guide includes comprehensive information about the ISEE and a complete listing of test site dates and locations. Download the ISEE Student Guide.

The What to Expect on the ISEE preparation books enable students to get an idea of the format of the ISEE in general, the directions, the types of test items, and the answer sheet. Download the What to Expect on the ISEE for each level below.



Register Your Child for ISEE                                                  View Your Child's ISEE Score Report


Learn More About ISEE


Admission Assessment Fee Schedule

Assessment Candidates for Grades Pricing
AABL PreK, K, and Grade 1 $65.00
ECAA PreK, K, Grades 1 and 2 $568.00
ECAA Grades 3 and 4 $618.00
ISEE Mail-In or Online Registration Grades 2-12 $100.00
ISEE Phone Registration Grades 2-12 $120.00
ISEE Online Testing at Prometric Grades 5-12 $185.00


For additional information about fee's associated with the admission assessments (AABL, ECAA, and ISEE) such as late registration, change of registration, or refunds please refer to the What to Expect guide for each assessment.