New WrAP Options Starting Fall 2014!

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Getting results in writing

The Writing Assessment Program (WrAP) has provided a powerful, objective lens allowing schools and teachers to look deeply into the writing skills of their students with an on-demand performance task requiring students to respond to an engaging prompt. WrAP prompts have always called for well-organized and developed compositions that include mulitple paragraphs and complex sentence structures. Focused on essential traits that outline the qualities seen in outstanding writing, WrAP allows teachers to weave the language, processes, and expectations for great writing into their instruction. In addition, WrAP identifies and fosters conversations as to the apparent strenghts and areas for improvement that might be considered for school's overall writing curriculum.

Unlike other instruments that provide only holistic scoring indices, the WrAP is scored analytically. Developed in collaboration with our member schools and writing experts, the WrAP provides information that can help target instruction in writing. Schools can test their students at five levels:

  • Elementary (Grades 3-4)
  • Intermediate (Grades 5-6)
  • Middle (Grades 7-8)
  • Secondary (Grades 9-10)
  • College Preparatory (Grades 11-12)

What's New!

Building upon this long history of high standards for quality writing, WrAP now offers additional options that mirror effective classroom practices.

Available as of fall 2014, ERB will offer both the current non-stimulus prompts as well as new text-based stimulus prompts! Additionally, the following genre's will be available at all levels:

  • Argument/Opinion: Student makes a case for a specific course of action or point of view through valid reasoning and logical argument using relevant and sufficient facts to support the recommended action or position.
  • Informative: Student clarifies, defines, and/or explains various points of view clearly and accurately on a topic clearly with facts, definitions, comparisons, concrete details and other information relating to the topic.
  • Narrative: Student tells a story or relates an incident or experience to entertain or to illustrate a point, real or imaginary using story elements, structure, details and language to support a rich and meaningful narrative.

The new stimulus prompts now include text references that foster critical thinking and analysis of related passages. Along with the familiar Extended Writing Response, the addition of Selected Response and Short Constructed Response promotes a close read of these complimentary passages to inform student responses.

Your Options Starting Fall 2014

Non-stimulus prompts: Narrative, Informative and Opinion/Argument prompts without stimulus at each of the five levels. These are the same tried-and-true prompts the WrAP has always used.  Please click here for a non-stimulus sample prompt.

Stimulus-based prompts: NEW! Narrative, Informative, and Opinion/Argument prompts with text stimulus at each of the five levels. Prompts created with text stimulus will require students to draw upon and use evidence from the provided library and/or informational texts to answer several multiple choice questions, a short constructed response, and the extended writing piece. Please click here for a stimulus-based sample prompt.

Choose to use one or both types of prompts to evaluate your student's writing skills!  To see samples of our new stimulus-based prompts, please contact your ERB Academic Professional.

  • Robust reports to schools to help assess the quality of student writing
  • Ability to compare students’ writing to similar-achieving students at similar schools both individually and as a whole*.

* Norms will not be available for stimulus prompts for 2014-15 school year.

WrAP Fall Test Dates: August 15 - December 21, 2014

WrAP Spring Test Dates: January 1 - June 15, 2015

Important Notice for Spring WrAP Paper users: WrAP student papers must be received by our WrAP Operations Office no later June 15, for scoring to be complete by June 30. Papers received after June 15 will be scored by the following October.

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