WrAP Scoring

Monitoring student progress with WrAP

Student responses are scored from one to six points on each of ERB’s six traits. These raw scores help in developing student profiles and comparing students and grades within a program level. However, in order to make comparisons across levels and to monitor student progress in writing across the grades, we’ve developed a continuous scale score for the total raw score. This approach is helpful for setting grade-level performance standards.
Also, normative data is provided for making relevant comparisons to students at suburban public, independent and international schools.

Stanines and percentiles

We provide suburban, independent, and international school stanines and percentiles for each student and class through each of the five levels of the program, based on student performance within each grade. This information is useful in making comparisons of local performance with similar achievers elsewhere.

Sample score reports

WrAP scores: Norm-referenced and criterion-referenced
To help in analyzing students’ writing ability, we deliver several different types of scores:

  • A set of analytic scores result from the application of ERB’s six-trait, six-point rubric—producing six separate raw scores (one for each of the six traits).
  • Each of these raw scores is closely linked to the standards-based language of the rubric, so each can be thought of as a criterion-referenced score indicating student performance.
  • Scores are anchored in the performance-based language of the rubric, so they are particularly useful for designing instructional units.

WrAP Score Reports
Summary statistics for school administrators

  • Normative summaries on teacher/administrator reports provide a comparative view of your students’ performance in relation to those at suburban public schools, independent schools or international schools.
  • Raw scores for each of the six writing elements are reported for students at five different percentile ranks within the local group: 90th, 75th, 50th, 25th, and 10th.
  • Teachers and administrators gain a summary view of student performance across the achievement spectrum to help determine where efforts are working or further intervention may be needed.

Report of Individual Student Results

  • Class reports list each student either alphabetically by name, or rank ordered by their total raw and scale scores.
  • Norm-referenced scores (suburban public, independent and/or international percentile ranks and accompanying stanines) are provided on the class-level report.
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