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For PreK - Grade 12

ERB's Social and Emotional Learning Suite, in partnership with Rethink Ed, draws across five CASEL competencies to promote easy and meaningful integration of social and emotional skills in the classroom.

Our one-stop platform for social and emotional learning positions both teachers and students for success. No other solution offers SEL assessments and a library of educator resources in one single, integrated platform. With Social-Emotional Learning from ERB, educators can  assess and help students develop skills across the  five major CASEL SEL competencies to help students thrive in the classroom and beyond.

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Build your knowledge of social emotional learning concepts with our robust library of resources to better understand students' unique learning needs.
Leverage our SEL assessment tools to accurately identify students' social-emotional learning characteristics.
Combine your SEL assessment insights with your new professional competencies to lead your students through their respective academic journeys and maximize not only academic outcomes, but also students' level of engagement and enjoyment in the classroom.

Add SEL to your classroom toolkit.

As educators, you've built an arsenal of tools to help you engage your students and achieve learning goals. SEL is an essential part of your arsenal because it touches everything you do.

Aligned with CASEL Competencies

Our program draws on the five major SEL competencies promoted by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), a leader in high-quality, evidence-based SEL research.


Self-Awareness is the ability to identify (and name) one's emotions and understand our strengths, weaknesses, and needs.
Self-Awareness helps guide moral development and empathic connections.


Self-Management is the ability to regulate one's emotions in goal-oriented ways, and persevere during difficult challenges or problematic interactions.
This involves not only learning the proper behavioral responses to challenges, but also the ability to moderate our emotions and behaviors in action.

Social Awareness

Social Awareness, sometimes referred to as "theory of mind," is the ability to take others' perspectives and internalize how they might be thinking or feeling in any given situation. These understandings then help to guide behavior, grounding actions in each unique context.

Relationship Skills

Relationship skills are those that lead to establishing and sustaining healthy relationships with others, including communicating clearly, listening well, cooperating with others, negotiating conflict productively, and seeking or accepting help when necessary.

Responsible Decision-Making

Responsible Decisions are constructive choices based on ethical standards, safety concerns, and social norms which consider our own well-being in addition to others'.

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In combination with CTP and Milestone Assessment data, knowledge of students’ SEL strengths enables teachers to personalize lesson plans and track in real-time how students’ classroom experiences translate to learning and performance.

Useful right out of the box for both students and educators.

With SEL Insights from ERB, educators and students are provided a common language to track and discuss their classroom experience, behavior, and personal interactions. That language allows for deeper, more confident conversations and active tracking of students’ academic progress and social-emotional growth. Our educator assessments and professional development tools, supplemental to the student content, help educators master the SEL curriculum and enable meaningful implementation of SEL resources.
Students exposed to social and emotional learning programs score 13 percentile points better than other peers on standardized academic assessments.

Source: “Promoting Positive Youth Development Through School-Based and Emotional Learning Inventions: A Meta Analysis of Follow-Up Effects,” Child Development, Volume 8, Issue 4, July/August 2017

Kindergarteners exposed to social and emotional learning programs have better outcomes in education, employment, criminal activity, substance use, and mental health.*

*According to a study described in the American Journal of Public Health


Assessments are offered for both students and teachers to gauge SEL growth over time. Teachers can view both individual student and group assessment results for their classrooms.

For Students

Grades 3 - 8
More formal assessments in both the fall and spring use a simple scale from “disagree” to “strongly agree” ​ to gauge social and emotional growth. Teachers can then tailor instruction and inform classroom design with a Teacher Classroom Rating that allows them to see how students are performing on certain competencies.
Grades 9 - 12
A new upper school assessment is available as of November 1, 2020, written specifically for students in Grades 9-12.

For Educators

Our SEL program includes optional professional development with post-training assessments to gauge retention. Teachers can earn continuing education credits for passing SEL educator assessments with 90% or higher scores.


Both students and teachers receive guided instruction in a range of competencies using engaging videos, individual or peer-to-peer activities, and quizzes. Teachers can monitor individual student progress on lessons and activities.

For Students

PreK - Grade 12
Lessons covering a variety of competencies that incorporate videos, individual and group activities, and quizzes. Flexible five, 10, and 20-minute activity options that can fit into any classroom schedule.

For Educators

Armed with knowledge about social and emotional learning, teachers can help students learn more effectively. Training videos and activities are designed for adult learners and complement student lessons.

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