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Insights In Action

These are the real-life stories of ERB Member Schools that have used ERB assessment insights to bring their student achievement data to life and drive continuous improvement for their school.

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ERB Exclusive White Paper:

covid-19 learning impacts

In these ERB-exclusive white papers, our Momentum Advisors explore CTP data to identify the learning impacts of COVID-related school closures on independent school students. Although we did find clear evidence that learning growth stalled for many students, what we discovered differs from what other prominent studies have found in important ways.

featured case studies

Impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Independent School Students' Learning Growth

ERB has analyzed testing data from across the country that show differential impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on independent school student learning outcomes as compared to other students.

Using CTP to Target Individualized Instruction

Christ Presbyterian Academy uses CTP to create a program of individualized instruction for Kindergarten through Grade 5 tailored to each student’s needs and interests.

Improving Learning Outcomes with Targeted Curricular Intervention

Mt. Bethel Christian Academy uses CTP to identify subject areas in which students are not meeting expectations and make adjustments to their curriculum to improve learning outcomes in these areas.

Nurturing Lifelong Learning by Monitoring Student Progress Over Time

Saint Margaret's Episcopal School sought ways to analyze the efficacy of their approach to activating their school's mission by investigating student growth over time.

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We rigorously review our assessment products and stay on top of the latest assessment research so that you can administer ERB tests with confidence. Find curated research below that might be of interest.

Beyond Algorithms: Developing Mathematical Understanding with CTP Data

Porter-Gaud School’s narrative begins with several hard questions....

Meeting the Needs of Every Student: Informing Classroom Differentiation with CTP

The Latin School of Chicago' uses various forms of student assessment to achieve their mission. Find out how and why here.

Using CTP to Help Build a Mathematics Curriculum

The use of CTP analysis led the International School of Brooklyn (ISB) to adopt the school’s first mathematics curriculum. Find out why.

Have you been introduced to our new Milestone Assessments yet? Find out why schools are adding our new formative assessment to their arsenals for better student data and more impactful insights.

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