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Head of School Report

The Head of School Report is a resource designed specifically for school leadership seeking an interpretive summary of their ERB assessment results to guide strategic planning and evaluation from a whole child perspective. The highly visual, customized report explores school, grade, and other group outcomes with results tracked over multiple years.

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Visual and Written Interpretations of Student Trends

Save time gathering insights and identifying the trends that matter most to your school's leaders, with summarization, interpretation, and graphical representations.

Data-Driven Support for Mission Success

Use data points to understand where to focus your efforts on student belonging and well-being and to identify points of distinction in alignment with your mission and long-term goals.

Needs Identification to Inform Curricular Planning

Get evidence-based insights into areas of academic success and improvement to support growth and inform curriculum design, development, and implementation.

Functionalities That Support Your Goals

Select grade, timeframe, and results to include, download your report from 360 Access to PowerPoint, and integrate key findings into board meetings, family and alumni communications, and more.

What's Included

Discover trends and get an integrated understanding of data from three different ERB assessments and programs, including the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE), the Comprehensive Testing Program (CTP), and the Check-In Survey.


Learning Achievement
Gain a detailed, accurate picture of students' academic performance and growth by interpreting CTP results and trends over time. Learn how your students compare to all ERB test-takers, and which academic skills stood out for high or low performance.

check-in survey

Student Engagement + Belonging
Connect student growth to well-being results from ERB's Check-In Survey. Get a detailed analysis of students' self-reported perceptions of their emotional well-being, academic engagement, and level of fairness and belonging in the classroom and school community.


Gauge the success of your admission efforts and get data-driven insights into your student body based on applicants' ISEE scores. Analyze the scores of this year's applicant pool compared with previous years and compared to all students who took the test.

Explore online.

Head of School Reports are available directly in ERB 360 Access, our data reporting tool. Users can generate, view, and download results directly within the platform.

Or ready to present.

The report is downloadable to PowerPoint, allowing you to copy graphics and paste them into separate documents, edit text, and share the findings with key stakeholders including a Board, parents, alumni, and staff.

“The Head of School Report answers an important need by providing digital summaries and visual representations of evidence-based trends at my school to download, read, and share with key stakeholders. My colleagues will save significant time interpreting data and quickly access the information they need to inform long-term planning and success."
Fran Bisselle, Head of School, Hathaway Brown

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