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Comprehensive Assessments

At ERB, all we see is potential, and our mission is to help every student achieve theirs. To do so, we first have to identify students' academic strengths, needs, and interests. Our Comprehensive Assessments - a unique suite of academic measurement tools - can help you do just that.

Learn more below about our best-in-class K-12 assessments, designed to be flexible and add value for every classroom.


The CTP is a summative assessment for students in grades 1-11 covering a variety of subject areas.


Milestones is our interim assessment for students in Grades 3-8 covering Reading Comprehension and Mathematics. Designed to be used in conjunction with CTP, Milestones can be deployed across the year to better track learning progress.

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Social Emotional Learning

Supplement your achievement testing program with our exclusive SEL assessment to better understand your students as unique learners and devise targeted interventions.
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Turn your assessment data into actionable insights with the new ERB 360 Access platform. For administrators and teachers alike, 360 Access makes it easy to explore your student data in real-time, no statistical experience needed!

Part of what makes assessment so valuable is the opportunity to see how your students stack up against other students of interest. Learn more about the norms available for ERB assessments by clicking below.

Testing to Meet Your Needs

Every classroom's needs are different. That's why our assessments have been flexibly designed to fit your schedule, and meet your needs.
If your students are learning remotely or you simply want to maximize valuable classroom time, you can easily administer ERB Comprehensives to students at home. Say goodbye to the tradeoff between student learning and monitoring student learning progress.

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