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Writing Practice

For students in Grades 3-12

ERB Writing Practice is an online program that helps students improve their writing skills through practice, feedback, and guided support backed by the industry’s most accurate automated scoring algorithm and a robust library of prompts and lessons.

"We've finally found what we're looking for!  After just one week I see improvement in [my students'] writing and understanding of essay type, structure, and content. The rubrics are great baselines as to what makes a good essay, and the lessons and example essays are helpful tools for improvement. I am proud to see my kids working independently and successfully to reach their writing goals!"

—Wendy McClellan, Parent

ERB Writing Practice is one of the only programs available for member schools and directly to families. The program will be available to purchase in September 2022.

A full library of prompts and lessons that save you time.

Over 50 prompts are available for students to practice year-round with unlimited revisions and feedback from the PEG  scoring algorithm.

Over 100 lessons to select from, on-demand, to supplement classroom instruction and assign individual students lessons that help them improve in specific areas.

Real-time, actionable feedback.

Instant scores and qualitative feedback on six traits of effective writing.

Students who use the PEG scoring algorithm write higher-quality essays.

Why use ERB Writing Practice?

This program is designed to help educators and families save valuable time while giving students immediate and individualized feedback and opportunities to improve critical writing skills. Want more information? We're here to help!


More about PEG, an award-winning automated scoring algorithm.

In a national study, PEG was found to be the most accurate of the top three leading automated scoring algorithms. Students who used PEG feedback in addition to traditional writing instruction showed a 22% improvement in writing over those who did not.

All the features from WPP with added enhancements.

ERB Writing Practice is an updated version of our former Writing Practice Program, WPP. It includes all the same features of WPP with added enhancements.

New Design
Revamped design facilitates an easier user experience.

Coming this September.

ERB Writing Practice will be available for families to purchase in September 2022.

Want more information about Writing Practice?

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