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Comprehensives from ERB

Comprehensive Assessments from ERB provide a powerful, objective lens through which schools can examine the current skills of their students, and help teachers as they foster academic growth. These assessments are usually administered by your student's current school and are designed to drive targeted instruction, spotlight strengths, and identify areas for improvement. Comprehensives results may or may not be shared with parents, depending on each school's policies. Get to know the tests that your student is taking below, and feel free to contact your student's school with any questions.

Grades 1-11

Meet the CTP by ERB

CTP is a rigorous series of assessments that may include English language arts, mathematics, and science. Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning tests are available for Grades 3 - 11. Your student's school will determine which assessments and formats work best for them, with testing available online or on paper. Some schools choose to share score reports with families. For more information about these score reports refer to the link below.

Grades 3-8

Meet ERB Milestones

Milestone Assessments follow the same standards as the time-tested CTP, but only cover the critical subjects of Reading Comprehension and Mathematics. Focusing on these two subjects enables teachers to gauge student progress accurately across the year without having students sit repeatedly for the much longer CTP. Some schools choose to share score reports with families. For more information about these score reports refer to the link below.

Grades 3-12

Meet WrAP

Our Writing Assessment Program, or WrAP, involves a partnership between students and teachers to produce improved writing. Students develop skills like thought organization and writing mechanics by responding to WrAP's engaging prompts.

Resources for Families


Helping Students Overcome Test Anxiety

Tackling test anxiety takes a collaborative approach that involves families, educators, and students. Fostering a supportive learning environment and sharing test anxiety tips can go a long way in reducing students’ fears. Read on for actionable strategies for test anxiety identification and reduction.
hero-independent schools

The Distinctive Value of Independent Schools

There are currently more than 2,000 accredited independent schools in the United States, according to the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). But what exactly are independent schools, and what advantages can they offer students and families?
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What Is the ISEE Admission Test? 15 Frequently Asked Questions

The ISEE is an admission assessment for students applying to select independent and private schools for entry in Grades 2-12. The ISEE provides schools with objective data points tp help them make admission decisions—and families, by ensuring they find the right school fit for their student.
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