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Word Voyage

For students in Grades 4 and up.

Students with increased academic vocabularies achieve greater reading comprehension, more enjoyment of reading, superior writing, and higher standardized test scores.
Word Voyage Vocabulary Builder, developed by Adelja Learning, helps to achieve these key benefits while also teaching students better work habits. It is a perfect online alternative to standard vocabulary workbooks at a price accessible to families.

Helping students level up.

Only $65 for your first student, $20 for additional vocabulary builders.

Give your children the tools they need to build their vocabularies for better, more enjoyable reading and increased academic success.

"We just completed our ERB testing for the year! My 6th Grade vocabulary scores are off the charts! Thank you to you and the Word Voyage Team for all that you do to contribute to our success!"

Lisa Robbins, Middle School English Teacher, Dana Hall School

Why build vocabularies with Word Voyage?

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Unified tool to help students build vocabulary, master grammar concepts, and practice writing.
Vocabularies don't exist in a vacuum! Word Voyage not only helps students learn new words, but lets them practice using them for word ownership.
Customizable for your homeschool program.
Source vocabulary directly from your curriculum to integrate Word Voyage into your broader language practice.
Try before you buy!
Word Voyage offers educators a 7-day free trial to explore the program before committing to purchasing.

See what teachers say about the program.

Word Voyage Programming

What's in the box?

Grammar and Sentence Construction

Students practice using new vocabulary in context to ensure proper usage and word ownership.

Word Roots and Root Families

Word Voyage is about much more than memorizing definitions. Students learn to read word roots and root families to break down unfamiliar words in the future.

Regular One-on-One Feedback

As part of your homeschool curriculum, you're customizing the program and tapped into how students are performing. The system will help give you insights so that you can share regular feedback with your learners.

Literature Lists and Other Resources

Word Voyage can help recommend reading material based on students' grade levels and vocabulary mastery, in addition to providing white papers and other research and learning supports.

Writing help designed by the experts.

You can rely on Word Voyage it was created by the expert writing teachers at Adelja Learning.

Want more information about Word Voyage?

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