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Applicant ISEE score reports and more

ERB 360 Access for ISEE creates an entirely new experience for admission teams by enabling them to visualize their school’s trends, dive deeply into individual student results, and understand region and consortia trends in new and different ways.

intuitive dashboard

Pre-populated dashboards updated in real-time.

Automatically uploaded score reports.

Easy to understand graphs of your applicant and demographic data.

"Our team is so impressed with this platform. It's a one-stop-shop"
— Admission Director, ERB Member School

interactive reports

Filter, sort, and download detailed results for individuals or groups.

Create groups and collaborate with your admissions team.

Make notes for individual applicant reports.

Scores from online test administrations are usually ready in three to five days.


Scores from paper test administrations are usually ready in five to ten days.


When a family chooses to share their student's scores with your school, you will receive a detailed student score report that provides information on the applicant's reasoning and achievement skills, as well as a student essay for Lower, Middle, and Upper Levels.

"This is awesome!"
— Admission Director, ERB Member School
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What about family score reports?

Families receive the same Individual Score Report that schools do except without a copy of the student's essay to preserve test security. Score reports are posted to the family's online account at—they do not get their scores through 360 Access. We also provide families with detailed information about understanding their student's scores. Use the link below to review the information that we provide families about score reports.

The Equitable Use of ISEE Scores

Students and families provide a good deal of information for admissions officials to consider. Many factors used in selection, such as grades, teacher recommendations, and interviews, tend not to be standardized across the entire population of candidates. ISEE scores help fill a gap by providing a consistent measure for all candidates. Please take a moment to review our guide for more information about utilizing ISEE scores as part of your school's admission process.

insightful analytics

View historical data for insights into applicant trends over time.

Drill down into each student’s score reports by section.

Compare and contrast trends.

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Please note that 360 Access and ARS score reports will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, July 31, from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET.