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What could you do with more actionable student data?

At ERB, all we see is potential, and our mission is to help every student achieve theirs. Our unique suite of academic assessments combined with powerful analytics, help you identify students' academic strengths, needs, and interests so you can create the most targeted curriculum.

Backed by more than 90 years of experience.

Strong norm pools at the national, independent school, and local levels.

Actionable insights through 360 Access.


Assess content-specific, curriculum-based performance alongside reasoning ability and conceptual knowledge.

Once a year, Fall or Spring
Paper or online
Grades 1-11
Evaluates reading, listening, vocabulary, writing, mathematics, science, and more

Regular, short assessment touchpoints provide real-time data to guide instruction and design learning interventions.

Up to three times a year
Online only
Grades 3-8

It's all about actionable data.

360 Access delivers.

Actionable insights into your students performance all in one intuitive and powerful platform.


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