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Test Instructions


The following instructions are for families and students taking the ISEE in the online format at home.



At least one week before your test...

Read the ISEE At Home Family Guide

Download and thoroughly review the full ISEE At Home Family Guide to familiarize yourself with every part of the at-home testing process. You can also review our FAQs for additional help.


At least three days before your test...

Download the ISEE Secure Browser

Download the secure ISEE testing browser at least three days before your student's test. You will use this secure browser to access your test and conduct the practice session described in Step 3.


At least three days before your test...

Check Device Compatibility

To verify that your intended testing device is supported for ISEE At Home, open the secure browser that you downloaded in Step 2 and press "Start a Practice Session." Do not wait until test day to check your device's compatibility.

Checking-In To Your Exam

Review our convenient tutorial video about how to log in to your ISEE at Home exam.


At least 15 minutes before your test...

Check-In To Your Exam

15 minutes before your test's scheduled start time, open the secure browser testing application and begin the check-in process.

Enter your Session Number.
Your Session Number is either in your Verification Letter or sent in a separate email or text message one day to one hour before your test's start time. You may need to check your SPAM folder. For additional assistance, refer to the ISEE At Home Family Guide.
Enter your student's ISEE ID.
This is found in the ISEE Verification Letter emailed to you. You can also find a copy of your Verification Letter in your online account at
Provide identification for your student.
Approved forms of student identification include birth certificates, social security cards, school report cards, library cards, school IDs, driver's licenses (if applicable), passports or green cards. Please refer to the ISEE At Home Family Guide for more details. 
Get support.
If you have questions or concerns before or during testing, please refer to our FAQs to get the help you need! 

Rest and relax.

Families should try to keep test day as stress-free as possible. Students should get a good night's sleep, eat a nutritious meal before the test, and refrain from any last-minute "cramming."

It's okay to guess.

No one is expected to answer every question correctly. Students in a lower grade taking the same test as students in a higher grade are expected to obtain fewer correct answers. Remember, a student’s test performance is compared only to the performance of students at their own grade level.

Try to answer every question.

Students should attempt to answer every question as there are no penalties for incorrect answers. But don't spend too much time on any one question; it is better to move on to the next question and return to skipped items within a test section if time permits.

Rules and Regulations

To preserve the integrity of the test and to create a safe and productive testing environment, students who do not adhere to the rules and regulations may be excused from the test. Some personal items are permitted if the student is approved for testing accommodations that allow for the express use of those items.

Need additional support?

(800) 446-0320
Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST

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