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Using CTP Scores to Develop a Lower School Program for Gifted Students

Prattville Christian Academy

The Question

How can you use CTP scores to develop a program of individualized instruction for gifted students in the lower school grades?

The Problem

Prattville Christian Academy wanted to create enriched opportunities for gifted learners, targeted to their areas of academic strength and creative ability.

The Method

CTP data was reviewed for all students in Grades 3 and 4 to identify a gifted population—defined as having either 1) achievement at the 89th percentile or above in two CTP subtest areas, or 2) scoring in the 9th stanine for either Reading Comprehension or Mathematics. Portfolios were created for students passing this screen, including NNAT3 ability test scores, STAR test scores, writing samples, multiple creativity samples, and teacher rating scales. The CTP data and these other portfolio elements were used to identify individual areas or strength for each child, with the goal of creating additional challenges for students in those areas of strength. A total of 7.5% of the student population in these two grades were included in the program.

The Plan

Teachers were given professional development on what it means to be gifted, why gifted students need to be challenged in the classroom, theories and myths of giftedness, behaviors of the gifted child, and how the school could support its gifted population.  Each teacher also received grade-level professional development on using the Traits, Aptitudes, and Behaviors (TABS) checklist, enabling them to give input based on ongoing observation. Using the book Advancing Differentiation by Richard Cash, teachers discussed how to implement differentiation in their regular classrooms and identified curricular changes that engaged their gifted population with additional challenges.

The Result

As 2018-2019 is the first year of the program, the school is not yet able to gauge the impact on the continued learning progress of its gifted population.
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About the School

Prattville Christian Academy is a private, independently incorporated organization dedicated solely to providing academic excellence in a caring Christian environment. Their mission is to create a meaningful difference by preparing Christian leaders for life. The children of today will be the leaders of tomorrow, and they aim to make the world of tomorrow a place that is full of hope and security.

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